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Dayna and Doug family neighborhood Waterset by Newland Apollo Beach

28 December . 2017

Resident Testimonial: Staying Fit in Waterset

It’s a new year, which means many of us are making fitness resolutions. Waterset residents Dayna and Doug don’t need a new year - these parents of three are constantly on the trails or in the pool - they even run the Waterset Triathlon Club!


The opportunities for staying active were a big draw for the family. Doug said, “We were looking for a place to enjoy the outdoors. We looked at a lot of places, then came into Waterset and saw the fitness trails, which sold us.” Dayna agrees: “I think the biggest selling point for me was the community. You could just see when we drove in for the first time – people were on the trails running, kids were on the playgrounds playing.”


Dayna and Doug definitely appreciate the chance to be active. Dayna  says, “We love fitness. His background is physical therapy and mine is in fitness.” Although they do use the fitness center at The Landing every once in awhile, they say they find more opportunities outside the gym. For example, in the park next to their home, they meet up with their neighbors to exercise. “We started kickboxing classes in our street,” explains Dayna. “I just put out a text message to a few of the girls and it ended up being 25 of us at 8pm after our kids went to bed.”


Doug also relishes the many ways to exercise outside of the gym, doing at-home workouts with his neighbors, or exploring Waterset. “We’ll do weekend bike rides or runs through the neighborhood.”


As if this couple wasn’t active enough, they also started the Waterset Triathlon Club - even though it sort of happened accidentally.


“I told Doug, ‘I’m just going to put it out there and see if anyone wants to train with me.’ That next week, we ended up 15 people in our living room, most of whom we had never met before, who were interested in training. And we both thought, Wow, this could turn into something.”


Turn into something, it did. “By the time our first race came, we had 25 people race, we had uniforms, we were all decked out,” says Dayna, who also mentioned their neighbors’ support and encouragement.


As brand-new parents to a baby girl, Dayna and Doug have been less active in the Triathlon Club, but they say the members are still supportive and always ready to join in for a workout.

“Any Saturday, you’ll have someone from the club out biking or running or swimming and you’ll have someone to train with.”


Are you looking to get fit as part of your 2018? Take Dayna and Doug’s example - you can exercise almost anywhere in Waterset - and there are plenty of people to join you!