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03 August . 2018

Six Tips for Navigating Theme Parks

Tips for Navigating Theme Parks


Waterset is perfectly situated near four major theme parks: Busch Gardens is about thirty minutes away, and the Orlando theme parks (Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld) are about ninety minutes away. This makes a theme park the perfect day trip! Here are our top tips to make your theme park day a success.


Enjoy Savings

Theme parks can be notorious for being expensive, but they don’t have to be. Watersettlers can save a bundle with Florida-resident pricing. If you plan to go often, many annual passes will quickly pay for themselves.


Be Wary of Dining Deals

Dining plans and reusable drink cups may seem like a great deal, but will you really use them? Sticking with water is your best bet, especially since soda can dehydrate you on warm Florida days. Most theme parks now allow you to bring water and sometimes even snacks, so why not bring a bottle of water and some granola bars? Healthy and inexpensive!


Pack a Park Bag

Pack a specially-designated bag for your theme park trips. First and foremost - sunscreen! You’ll also want to pack an insulated water bottle and some snacks. A poncho will come in handy more often than not in the Florida summers. If you have little ones, why not a little book or coloring book and crayons for those long ride waits? Some other things we suggest packing? Hand sanitizer, a portable phone charger, and of course a camera.


Dress Appropriately

Theme parks are notorious for summer heat (and often rain!) and lots of walking, so make sure you dress appropriately. Wear light layers - shorts or active leggings are definitely recommended, as are comfortable walking shoes. Stay away from light flip flops, as they could break easily.


Consider a Multi-Day Trip

It can be tough to fit everything you want to do into one day, and that can lead to undue stress. If you can fit it into your schedule and your budget, spread your trip out so you aren’t as hurried.


Fast Pass It

Different theme parks have different Fast Pass options, but they will all save you time waiting in line. Busch Gardens offers Quick Queue, which varies in price based on seasonality. Universal Studios offers Universal Express for a fee, but is also introducing Virtual Lines, which allow you to come back at a certain time and skip the regular line. Finally, Disney offers Fast Pass+, which is similar to Universal’s Virtual Line.