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Moving Day Waterset by Newland Apollo Beach

08 August . 2017

Make Your Move More Manageable

Moving, whether across the street or country, can be stressful and exciting all at the same time. To minimize the stress and amp up the enthusiasm, start your planning as soon as you sign your paperwork. Follow these 5 tips to get you moving toward moving to your new home.

1. Get Organized!

Whether your relocation is cross-country or across town, moving requires a lot of preparation and planning. To keep you organized, consider downloading an App like Sortly or Move Advisor to your smartphone or create a binder if you prefer old-school pen and paper. Either way, it will help to have your checklist and all of your contacts and information in one place. Things you can do several days or even weeks ahead of time include: setting up/cancelling utilities, sending change of address notices, preparing access for movers and contacting the H.O.A. or condo association for any move-in day rules.

And don’t forget to plan for the furry family members! Arrange for appropriate transportation or leave Fido with a pet sitter so he will be safe on moving day.


2. Reduce and Reuse to Minimize Waste - and Cost

Before you begin packing anything, purge your home of anything you don’t use and therefore don’t need to move. Sell, give away or donate items to get them out of the way.

You absolutely don’t have to buy new boxes and brown paper from the moving company. Get used boxes from the grocery store or on Craigslist. StyleAtHome suggests using your linens for wrapping fragile items. Plastic bins used for long-term storage (like your holiday decorations) can be loaded as is. Don’t move your luggage empty! Pack your suitcases full of clothes or heavy items. If you’re moving locally, rent bins and avoid the cardboard altogether.


3. Set Aside a “Do Not Pack” Box

Kimberly Stokes at ThePeacefulMom.com calls this her “fire box.” Include anything you would grab and take with you in case of a fire: permanent files, jewelry and other valuables, and important items you may need immediate access to. It’s also a good idea to pack an overnight bag with a change of clothes and medications so you aren’t digging for them at the other end.


4. Start Early

Begin packing 2 boxes per day weeks before the move. This not only helps procrastinators prevent the stress of doing it all at the last minute, it will give you the time you need to be methodical and label everything! Future you will thank you when it’s time to unpack.


5. Relax and Have Some Fun

HGTV designer Erica Reitman says that creating a playlist to listen to can actually make packing and unpacking fun! Anyway, it can’t hurt. Relax the food rules, too. A cooler full of cold drinks and sandwiches or pizza will get you through the day so give yourself a break from cooking.