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02 April . 2018

Meet Our New Chef!

Waterset’s new chef, Joe Gregory, knows that the kitchen table is the most important spot in a home. “A lot of magic goes on around the table,” he says. That’s why he is committed to making The Landing Cafe the go-to spot for residents looking for a healthy, fresh, and family-friendly meal.

Joe has been in kitchens for over twenty-five years. He studied culinary arts, and is a NASM-Certified Fitness Nutritionist Specialist. “Food to me is special. It’s community. It’s comfort. It’s medicinal. It’s a necessity, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.”

After years in the business in New York, Joe moved to Miami, where he started The Clean Chef, a prepared meal business specializing in ultra-healthy meals. After two wildly successful yet grueling years - and a spot on the INC 500 - Joe was bought out. He and his family moved to Tampa, where he found himself continuing to work eighty to ninety hours a week. “I was sacrificing my quality of life,” he explains. His newfound focus on family and community is what ultimately brought him to Waterset.

“Now I’m a father and a husband, so convenience is important. I’m a big advocate of not sacrificing quality for convenience. My whole mission is to offer a quality product that is convenient.”

Joe is certainly bringing his own flavor the The Landing Cafe with a menu and ingredients that he calls, “natural, fresh, and healthy.”

“Pure ingredients are important. I’m a minimalist, you could say. All-natural. That’s why I’m trying to make these changes here,” he says, adding that he wants to focus on local farmers and vendors. “Fresh and local,” he emphasizes.

Along with fresh ingredients, Joe hopes to implement longer hours on the weekends, more events, and an ever-rotating menu highlighting only the best ingredients. Joe is partnering with Clementine Chef to bring gluten-free baked goods to the Cafe, and will be serving craft beer from Four Stacks Brewing Company.

Joe hopes that his food can help residents spend more time with their families. “I want to create a gathering place and to help people through food. A lot goes on around the table. People aren’t sitting down and having dinner as a family anymore. My mission is to get people back around the table.”

Joe believes in food, family, and community - which is why Waterset is perfect for him.

“I want to make The Landing a destination for the residents. They can come here, get dinner, some drinks, and not have it be a big ordeal. I know what it’s like, having two kids. Just to go out to dinner - It’s too much.”

Joe’s fast, fresh, delicious meals will change all that. You can already find him in The Landing Cafe, whipping up delicious specialty sandwiches, Belgian waffles, gourmet coffees, and more. Of course, along with his own ideas, Joe is open to suggestions.

“Really what I want to know is - what do the residents want? Because we’re here for them.”