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Waterset by Newland  Apollo Beach, Fl

23 September . 2019

How to Hygge: 6 Tips for Achieving Maximum Coziness

Hygge (pronounced “hue-gah”) is a Danish concept regarding the type of coziness that brings contentment and well-being. It is an integral part of Danish culture. And since Denmark is consistently ranked as one of the Happiest Countries on Earth by the UN’s World Happiness Report, it stands to reason that incorporating hygge into your life can make you happier. Today, we’re rounding up 6 ways to bring more hygge - and happiness - into your home and your life. 


Use Soft Lighting

One essential part of hygge is lighting, and candlelight in particular. Danes burn more candles per person than any other country in the world. Candles, especially in the fall and winter, can help create a cozy and soothing atmosphere. When you’re home shopping, consider the lighting scheme - choose a floor plan that maximizes natural light.  


Think About Texture

Is there anything cozier than wrapping yourself in a soft blanket? Incorporate soft textures into your home in the form of blankets and throw pillows. Think faux furs and chunky knits. Natural wood textures are also calming - think natural wood floors, furniture, and accents. 


Choose Muted Colors

Color science tells us that the brighter or bolder a color is, the more it is associated with excitement and stimulation. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s not very relaxing. Instead of bright hues, opt for more neutral colors. Pick muted colors while in your builder’s design center, and bring in soft colors in the form of accent pieces, furniture, and textiles. 

Neutral living room with pops of pink and green in a David Weekley model home in Apollo Beach

The Serefina Model Home in Waterset by David Weekley Homes uses soft textures, neutral colors, and pops of green for a calming effect. 


Embrace Minimalism

There’s a big difference between cozy and cramped. Perhaps you’ve heard the recent design trend of only keeping items that bring you joy? That’s a big part of hygge as well. Having a minimalist interior will not only be more calming to your eyes, it ensures that your home is only filled with things you love, promoting happiness. If you’re moving, it’s the perfect time to de-clutter. Read more moving tips here


Enjoy the Outdoors

Hygge is more than just decor, it’s a lifestyle that embraces slowness, togetherness, and reveling in “the little things.” Taking a leisurely bike ride through Waterset’s 12 miles of trails is a great way to get in the Danish spirit - Danes bike one mile a day on average. If you’re not a cyclist, here are five ways to use the parks in Waterset to help you achieve hygge. 


Put Down Your Phone

There might be nothing less "hygge" than spending the day with your eyes glued to your phone. Instead of screen time, opt for purposeful togetherness. This fall, try a candlelit dinner or family board game night. Host a block party or Friendsgiving. Or, try one of these 5 unplugged activities in Waterset